General goals

CoopMar aims to develop strategic research concerning shared intangible resources in the Ibero-American region and to promote useful deliverables in the areas of social sustainability and heritage curation. In short, the final purpose of this network is to promote awareness in communities, to enhance a networked Port City sphere and to deliever new public policy options.

Among the specific aims are:

  • To contribute for the social use and reproduction of shared memories;
  • To improve the circulation of knowledge;
  • To deliver scientific open access products to contribute to the development of a knowledge society;
  • To enable further projects in the area of Port Cities, including in the areas of tourism, heritage and environmental preservation using new technologies as a resource and collective entrepreneurship as a process;
  • To promote the capabilities and empowerment of decision-makers, experts, students and the local population through specialised vocational training;
  • To create best/next practice templates, which are adaptable to the Ibero-American societies;
  • To generate expanded public policy portfolios with socioeconomic impact in Port Cities and their surrounding cities.